Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal - 25kg

Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal - 25kg

  • Hexagonal shape briquettes with a stripe on one side
  • Made with up to 50% renewable materials
  • Burns up to 38% hotter than house coal
  • Long Lasting
  • Produces up to 80% less smoke, and 40% less CO2 than house coal
  • Low ash content
  • Traditional fire qualities
  • Long refuelling times
  • HETAS approved
  • Suitable for use in smoke control areas
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Ecoal50 is a revolutionary smokeless coal which is produced from 50% renewable materials.

Thanks to its high and sustained heat output, burning Ecoal50 works out even cheaper than burning house coal over time. Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal burns up to 38% hotter than house coal while producing up to 80% less smoke and 40% less CO2.

HETAS approved and authorised for use in smokeless zones, Homefire Ecoal50 is recommended for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

Choose Ecoal50 for a fire that's kinder to the environment with no compromise on performance.