PEPEROMIA OBTUSIFOLIA (Baby Rubberplant) - 20cm

PEPEROMIA OBTUSIFOLIA (Baby Rubberplant) - 20cm


The thick green leaves of this lovely little plant will always attract attention. Its an easy to care for species that thrives in humidity and light. 


Provide temperatures between 15 - 26 degrees.


Bright light near a window but not direct sunlight as leaves will burn. 

Watering and Feeding

Water sparingly only when soil is dry to the touch. Over-watering is the main cause of killing this plant. Feed monthly in spring and summer


Clean leaves of dust with a damp cloth to keep shiny. The plant should do the rest!

Height 40cm - Pot diameter 12cm (Fits in 13 -15cm pot)

Ceramic pot sold seperately.

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