EPIPREMNUM AUREUM (Pothos, Marbled Devils Ivy) - 30cm

EPIPREMNUM AUREUM (Pothos, Marbled Devils Ivy) - 30cm


Devils Ivy is a extremely popular and versatile addition to any house plant collection. Use this easy to care for plant as a table, hanging or climbing decoration. It is also great for air purification in any room.



Provide temperatures between 7 - 24 degrees.


Place in a bright spot, away from direct sunlight.

Watering and Feeding

Keep compost moist but not soggy, water sparingly in Winter. Feed every few weeks apart from in winter months. 


Try to repot younger plants every spring to encourage growth. 

Height 30cm - Pot diameter 14cm (Fits in 15 -17cm pot)

Ceramic pot sold seperately.

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