Maranta - Small

Maranta - Small


Also known as the Prayer Plant

Tolerant of low light conditions, but is really happiest in bright, indirect sunlight.

Likes well-drained soil

Needs  high humidity to really thrive, so would be fantastic in a shower or bathroom.

Keep soil moist, but not soggy.

Get a little water misting bottle and give it a spray every now and again. It’ll thank you for it.


Commonly known as: Maranta

Other names: Prayer Plant


Pot Size: 12cm

Current Height: 25-30cm

Light: Bright Spot / Indirect Light / Indirect Low Light

Watering: Every 6-7 Days. Keep soil moist, never soaking.

Additional Info: Air Purifying

Evergreen: Yes

Fits Pot Size: 12cm+

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