Kentia Palm - 140cm

Kentia Palm - 140cm


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One of the most popular palms for interiors. It’s popularity can even be traced back to the Victorian times, where it would have been seen in many a drawing room. They are still popular today as they are easy to grow, evergreen and will compliment most rooms. Keep them away from direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves, and away from cold draughts. This elegant palm does very well indoors since it is extremely durable and slow growing.


Commonly known as: Kentia

Other names: Paradise Palm, Thatch Palm. Howea Forsteriana


Pot Size: 24cm

Current Height: 140cm

Ultimate Height: Up to 180cm

Light: Bright Spot / Indirect Low Light / Indirect Light

Watering: Every 7-10 Days. Keep soil moist, never soaking. Likes Humidity.

Additional Info: Air Purifying, Non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Evergreen: Yes

Fits Pot Size: 24cm+

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