Aspidistra - 2 Sizes

Aspidistra - 2 Sizes

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Incredibly popular with the Victorians, this Aspidistra is an elegant and tolerant plant that will cope with some neglect - hence to common name of cast iron plant. It can withstand drought (provided temperatures are not too high) and pollution - and only needs repotting occasionally. This makes it a great choice for the novice who wants something that looks nice, but is really easy to look after.


Commonly known as: Aspidistra

Other names: Cast iron plant, Bar room plant


Pot Size: Medium - 12cm | Large: 15cm

Current Height: Medium - 40cm | Large: 60cm

Light: Indirect Light / Low Light

Watering: Every 14-16 Days. Keep soil moist.

Additional Info: Use a liquid plantfeed every two or three months during warmer months.

Evergreen: Yes

Fits Pot Size: Small - 13cm+ | Large: 16cm+

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