CLIMBER: Wisteria - Medium (2 Varieties)

CLIMBER: Wisteria - Medium (2 Varieties)


Wisteria Floribunda Black Dragon | Wisteria Floribunda Longissima Alba

A vigorous climbing plant, featuring drooping clusters of fragrant flowers. These appear just after the leaves on this deciduous climber. It is ideal for growing against a wall or over a pergola in moist, but well drained soil and a position in full sun, although dappled shade will be tolerated. The height and spread can be restricted through pruning.

Pot Size: 14cm

Current Height: 60cm

Ultimate Height: 4-8 metres

Ultimate Spread: 4-8 metres

Light: Full Sun, Part Shade

Likes: Borders, Pots, Well-drained soil

Evergreen: No

Hardy: UK Hardy

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