Senecio Angel Wings - 20cm

Senecio Angel Wings - 20cm


A striking new foliage plant that has already started to pull in the awards. Its large, silvery white leaves have a soft, downy texture, which makes it ideal for a sensory garden, but it will also make an eye-catching feature for a border or pot where it will thrive in a hot, sunny spot. It quickly forms a good-sized clump and will become tolerant of drought once established. It also tolerates salt-laden winds, so will also flourish in a coastal setting. 

Pot Size: 17cm

Current Height: 20cm

Ultimate Height: 40cm

Ultimate Spread: 40cm

Light: Full Sun, Indirect Sun

Likes: Borders, Pots, Well-drained Soil

Evergreen: Yes

Hardy: UK Hardy (May need frost protection)

Fits In Plant Pot Size: 18cm+

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