Olive Tree - 1.8m

Olive Tree - 1.8m

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Mature Hardy Trees. Olive trees are a great choice for a Mediterranean themed garden, they add a more rugged look than the formality of a standard Bay Tree. Olive Trees are instantly recognisable and something we associate with warmer climates, however they are very tough plants and will cope admirably with the UK climate. Our trees are grown in Italy and, depending on the time of year purchased, may arrive bearing fruit. Whilst these are tough plants they will thrive with a little bit of help along the way. The most important thing to remember is where they originate, they do not like to much water and certainly not a continually wet area.

Pot Size: 28cm

Current Height: 1.8m

Ultimate Height: Up to 3.5m

Ultimate Spread: Up to 3.5m

Light: Full Sun

Likes: Borders, Pots, Well Draining Soil

Evergreen: Yes

Hardy: UK Hardy

Fits In Plant Pot Size: 28cm+

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