Acer 'Garnet' - Large

Acer 'Garnet' - Large


A pretty little tree, which has feathery, garnet-coloured leaves that turn bright scarlet in autumn looking as if they have been shredded. before they drop. Its rounded, compact habit makes it a perfect focal point for a small garden, particularly in a container. Or try it alongside an ornamental pool, where its sculptural shape will be reflected in the water. It needs a sheltered spot, away from strong winds or scorching sun, though its leaf colour is best enjoyed in a sunny position.

Also known as: Japanese Maple

Pot Size: 28cm

Current Height: 1m

Ultimate Height: 4m

Ultimate Spread: 2m

Light: Indirect Sun, Part Shade

Likes: Borders, Pots, Well Drained Soil

Evergreen: No

Hardy: UK Hardy

Fits In Plant Pot Size: 29cm+

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