Swedish Eco Torch - Small (9-18cm)

Swedish Eco Torch - Small (9-18cm)

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Swedish Eco Torch - Small

Diameter - 9-18cm

Height - 25cm

Use for: Quick Campfire, Cooking Tool, Rustic Torch

The Swedish torch, as it is known, first came into existence thanks to enterprising soldiers in the 30 Year War in the 17th century. Firewood was in short supply, so soldiers had to be creative with conserving wood whilst still getting maximum output – which makes the Swedish torch an excellent and eco-friendly choice, even today.

As the soldiers discovered, the torch requires little wood but, thanks to its unique shape and composition, provides a surface perfect for cooking food as well as giving out heat and light. These qualities are just as useful for a cosy outdoor gathering as they were then, giving you a three-in-one way to bring a little something extra to your evening. Another handy attribute for busy hosts is that once they’re lit, you can leave them to burn brightly without having to fuel them regularly, thanks to their self-feeding properties.

Their eco-friendly nature is also a great boon for those who want to add a little warmth to a garden party or cook in the great outdoors, too. Despite their multiple uses, they use relatively little wood, meaning you’re cutting down on fuel – and, as all our Swedish Eco Torches come with organic firelighter - you can be sure you’re not releasing harmful chemicals into the air (or onto any food you’re cooking!).

There are dozens of uses for our Swedish Eco Torches. One popular example is using them to add a special touch to your rustic outdoor wedding. Guests tend to congregate near their mesmerising crackle to warm up once the evening gets cooler and they make a stunning feature in wedding photos - everybody glows in firelight! Or, if you’re camping somewhere it’s safe to have a fire (always check first!), they make a perfect way to keep warm and provide you with a way to rustle up your evening meal. The possibilities are endless!

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