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We have many years’ experience in the supply and installation of high quality fencing.

It would really speed up the quoting process if you could let us know the following:

  • How many fences you need

  • How long each needs to be

  • How high each should be

  • Whether you’d like timber or concrete posts

  • Whether you’d like timber or concrete gravel boards (the things that sit under each panel, keeping the panels off the ground)

  • Whether you’d like high quality Close Board (‘aka’ Feather Edge) panels (timbers run vertically) or Lap Panels (timbers run horizontally)

  • Whether there are old fences to remove and dispose of;

  • Whether there’s anything significant getting in the way of a fences line (trees, old tree stumps or sheds, for example)

  • Your budget

  • Photographs of your garden and any existing fences would also be really helpful.

    If you would like us to provide a quote for installing fencing for you, please send an email to inbox@lancastersonline.com or click the link below.


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