The Krinner Christmas Tree Stand - Premium L

The Krinner Christmas Tree Stand - Premium L


For trees up to 2.7m (9’) in height.

The Krinner Premium L is equipped with a clever clamping device, guaranteeing equal claw pressure around the trunk. Just place your tree in the open stand and pump the foot pedal until the claws have firm contact to the trunk. The tree then stands absolutely firm and straight, whether the trunk is thick, thin or crooked. The bell in the foot pedal “DINGS” when the claws have securely closed around the trunk and the foot pedal is automatically secured in the locked position. For a Grinch-proof Christmas tree!

The patented safety belt with its step-by-step ratchet mechanism provides additional safety - the tree cannot fall over spontaneously.

Additional to the security lock that is provided with every tree stand, the Security Winch Mechanism will let the stand open step-by-step too.

3.7 litre water reservoir. The Premium L Krinner Christmas tree stands are equipped with a huge water reservoir inside the housing. This guarantees your tree will stay fresh for longer and needle drop will be reduced.

A water indicator shows the maximum water height while filling the stand and shows when to stop adding water and when your stand needs a refill.

Product Reviews

“It works just as described; open ratchet, insert tree, ratchet up levers, let go; total elapsed time about 8 seconds vs. 10 minutes or so for old tree. You only save 10 minutes a year, but goodness, it was a stressful 10 minutes.“ AS

“Our tree was up within ten seconds of being placed in the stand, which for me is something of a record! All those past years of struggling and fighting are now thankfully past.“ JD

In the past, it usually took me about 20 minutes to get the tree upright. This Christmas, my wife did the job within no more than 10 seconds, using our new KRINNER tree stand. Thank you for this clever product.“ AS

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